Teach a dog high five

A lovely little video to teach your dog to give a high five.


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Why teach tricks to dogs?

“Dog trick training is the best way I found to truly interact with my dogs and it is a sure fire way to forge a strong bond together. Teaching and performing dog tricks helps to build happy, confident dogs and is a great outlet for all of their energy” Source Obedience training review

This quote sums up nicely why we should teach tricks to dogs. Tricks dont have to be just for show they can also be useful like getting your dog to turn on a light or shut the door. 

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Teach your dog to wave

“Hold a treat tightly between your fingers and place your hand low so your puppy will find it easy to use his paw to help him get the treat. As soon as he lifts his paw, release the treat and praise well. Practice over several sessions until he paws at your hand every time you present it. Then gradually begin to raise your hand higher. Introduce the voice cue by asking him to ‘wave’ as you present your hand.

Gradually, over several sessions, raise the hand with the treat higher, only rewarding when he paws at your hand. Eventually, hold your hand just out of reach and ask for a ‘wave’. Be patient and ignore any other behaviour (help him if you need to by lowering your hand a little). Reward as soon as he ‘waves’ and gradually raise your hand higher until he will ‘wave’ when you ask when your hand is high above him.” Source Puppy School

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Tidy up time


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How to teach your dog to roll over

Teaching your dog to roll over is a common trick that owners like to teach. 

“Hold a tasty treat next to your puppy’s nose, and move your hand so that he turns his head. Give him time to adjust to this position, then slowly move your hand further round until he begins to roll onto his side. Feed the treat and praise him when he is on his side.

Gradually, you can ask for more until he rolls onto his back. Make sure he feels secure and place something soft underneath him before asking him to do this.” Source Puppy School

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